92-96 Prelude IACV idel air control valve SI BB4


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When Check Engine light is on. With the service connector jumped, CODE 14 is indicated, OR, scan tool indicates DTC P1508. It is highly likely a fault relating with the IACV.

The IACV is a component whereby when faulty is the most probable cause to most idle-linked problems. The problem can be symptomatic and may not even trigger the Check   Engine light. The list goes:



Honda Accord Prelude F22A H23A OBD0 OBD1 IACV EACV

1. When cold fast idle out of spec (1,000 - 2,000 rpm)
2. Rough idle
3. When warm RPM too high
4. Idle speed is below specified rpm (no load)
5. Idle speed does not increase after initial start up
6. On models with automatic transmission, the idle speed drops in gear
7. Idle speed drops when air conditioner is ON
8. Idle speed drops when steering wheel is turning
9. Idle speed fluctuates with electrical load
10. Frequent stalling while warming up

Frequent stalling after warming up


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